Our Services

We are providing our customers with professional air conditioning solutions, to guarantee our customers satisfaction and delivering our best services

Equipment Selection

As a distributor of several international air conditioning brands, we are equipped with advanced selection software for each category of our products to match precisely with projects climate conditions, and to achieve the comfort needs without going below or beyond the required HVAC capacities.

Testing & Commissioning:

  • Supervision on equipments installation works, as per our supplier’s recommendation.
  • Adjusting the control devices to reach the optimal working conditions.
  • System commissioning and adjusting all parameters, to achieve the desired efficiency and reach the required operation parameters.
  • Provide our clients with service training to insure smooth and continuous operation of our products.

After Sale Service

Professional and well trained maintenance teams of engineers & technicians, are dedicated to serve our clients to insure customer’s satisfaction and optimal working conditions of our products.